Bennu Necklace and Ring Set

$ 1,550 $ 2,700

DESCRIPTION: Necklace with a bird wing-shaped pendant and adjust handcrafted in 22K gold plated brass, inspired by the Bennu bird of ancient Egypt.

The Bennu collection is inspired by Egyptian culture. Bennu is a mythological bird that burns in flames to be reborn from its ashes; It represented the sun that dies at night and is reborn in the morning. Bennu is believed to be the Incarnation of Ra.

Piece designed by CALISTA and handcrafted by Mexican artisans.


RING- Weight: 4.0g Measurements: 1.8cm wide, 2mm thick

Adjustable Size: range 5.5 to 8 (see table)

NECKLACE- Weight: 10.6g; Measurements I said: 3.3cm high, 2.5cm wide, 4mm thick; Chain: 43cm long, adjustable to 38cm; 3mm thickness


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