2020 06 - MASARYK TV

2020 06 - MASARYK TV

    The jewelry brand Calista launches its new collection: JAGAT

    By Masaryk TV

    Calista, the jewelry brand founded in 2019 by sisters Laura and Regina Hernández, launches its new collection, JAGAT. Mythological stories are Calista's inspiration; in each collection she seeks to capture fragments of stories and turn them into part of daily life. JAGAT –universe in Hindi– was born from the inspiration in Hinduism about the existence of the Universe, in which it is infinite, but cyclical, in which each end and destruction gives way to the creation of a new stage, giving it continuity, movement and life to the eternal cycle.

    In the causal ocean where each cycle is created, floats AnAnta Shesha, king of snakes who represents infinity. The god Vishnu sleeps on him, a lotus flower sprouts from his navel from which the god Brahma emerges and from him everything manifests. Thus, each period is created by Brahama, maintained by Vishnu and destroyed by Shiva to start everything anew, maintaining the infinite existence of the universe.

    Calista believes that the true value of jewelry is the meaning we give it, the memories and emotions that are imprinted on it. In this sense, each piece represents the values ​​of those stories that are captured in the collections. Thus, JAGAT represents personal power, the ability to reinvent oneself, resilience and faith in magic.

    Each piece is handcrafted in Mexico in 22K gold-plated brass and with natural stones such as rutilated quartz and serphanite. Rutilated quartz promotes psychic powers, happiness and prosperity, eliminating obstacles from your path and helping you overcome great difficulties. Serphanite, for its part, helps to live life from the heart, to cleanse it and open to love.

    Calista is a 100% Mexican jewelry design brand founded by Laura and Regina Hernández, who joined their talents to give life to their collections, which represent different values ​​through the stories that inspire them: tenacity, wisdom, victory, resilience, beauty, love

    Each piece is handcrafted in brass with 22k gold plating. It is produced by hand in Taxco and CDMX, with special attention and care in each of the details.

    Previous collections:

    NEREIDS: Inspired by the Mediterranean nymphs of Greek mythology, beautiful women with fish tails crowned with coral, who were part of Poseidon's entourage.

    BLOM: Inspired by the relevance of flowers in all mythologies, such as the Cempasúchil in Mexico, the Peonies in China and the Cherry Blossom in Japan.

    Link to the note: https://masaryk.tv/232219/la-marca-de-joyeria-calista-lanza-su-nueva-coleccion-jagat