2020 05 - MARIE CLAIRE

2020 05 - MARIE CLAIRE

    The perfect gift does exist

    A gift guide for the person who gave us life, who has guided us to become who we are now and from whom we always have support, in good times and bad.
    This May 10 is very different for everyone, but so have birthdays from March to date, anniversaries, births and more. And there is no doubt that now more than ever, being at home with mom or away from her 24/7 has made us value them even more. Every day is a different and enhanced value. Those of us who ate in the office or in restaurants now pick up the phone to ask for a recipe with a taste of home, the calls are longer and more frequent than before. A gift of life that we did not ask for but that we needed.

    And of course this date is an excuse to give her a detail, a gift of something she had always wanted, to pamper her or to give us a present and make her smile, the best of the entire year. For this, we put together what we believe is most special and pampering for this special day. Find the perfect gift and complement it with a floral arrangement (they never fail).

    Details that make the difference.
    Other jewelry that we love are those of Calista and Paar since they manage to capture simplicity and elegance in their creations. Definitely if your mom's personality is casual but chic, this is the option.

    Read the full note here: https://www.marieclaire.com.mx/belleza/el-regalo-perfecto-si-existe/

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