2020 04 - L´OFFICIEL

2020 04 - L´OFFICIEL

    Calista: when myths take shape

    By Raquel Azpiroz

    Laura and Regina Hernández are inspired by Hindu philosophy to create Jagat, a collection of jewelry in gold and natural stones.

    In 2019, sisters Laura and Regina Hernández founded the Mexican jewelry brand Calista. Their collections represent different values ​​through the stories that inspire them: tenacity, wisdom, victory, resilience, beauty or love. For example, in NEREIDS they captured the nymphs of the Mediterranean Sea, so common in Greek mythology. At BLOM they took as a reference the relevance of flowers in all cultures, such as the marigold in Mexico, peonies in China and the cherry blossom in Japan.

    The new collection, JAGAT – universe in Hindi – takes Hinduism as a creative source and theorizes about the existence of the Universe, which is infinite but cyclical, and in it each ending gives way to the creation of something new. Everything is continuity, movement and life in an eternal cycle.

    Regina and Laura believe that the true value of jewelry is the meaning that we give it, the memories and emotions that are imprinted on the pieces. Specifically, JAGAT represents personal power, the ability to reinvent oneself, resilience and faith in magic. Each piece is handcrafted in 22k gold-plated brass in Taxco and CDMX, with special attention and care in each of the details. They use natural stones such as rutilated quartz, which channels happiness and prosperity, and serphanite, which invites you to live life from the heart, cleanse it and open yourself to love.

    Link to the publication: https://www.lofficielmexico.com/joyeria/calista-joyeria-mexicana