6 Mexican jewelry firms with e-commerce

    By Christin Parcerisa

    Mother's Day in Mexico is one of the most celebrated in the country. According to data from CONCANACO, the merchandise that is most in demand during this time are restaurants, perfumery, jewelry, cosmetics and women's accessories.

    Since the current situation has kept shopping centers and non-essential stores closed, many brands have begun to boost their e-commerce channels by placing their entire catalog online, offering special promotions and guaranteeing delivery to the entire Mexican Republic.

    Below are some Mexican jewelry brands that have online sales:

    This Mexican brand is inspired by different mythologies from around the world, so its creations combine artisanal work with contemporary design and ancient legends. In addition to their website where they have online sales, they also sell through Amazon and deliver throughout the Republic. The brand produces all its pieces in the country with local artisans who work the brass and then plate it with 22k gold. For this mother's season, three of their collections stand out. Her Blom collection has a discreet and feminine aesthetic with pieces decorated with rose quartz; is inspired by the myths associated with spring. The Jagat collection takes a more playful angle with long chains, multiple rings and big earrings; It is inspired by Hindu philosophy about the origin of the cosmos and the universe. Finally, the Nereidas collection is inspired by the muses of the sea from Greek mythology, so the pieces are shaped like coral, sea stars and mermaid silhouettes decorated with blue and green turquoise.

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