2020 10 - Quien Magazine

2020 10 - Revista Quien

    Helping is always in fashion and more so in Pink October

    By Patricia Aguirre

    This month is dedicated to a good cause: Breast cancer prevention, so we invite you to do your part along with these brands.

    In addition to being a tool to express ourselves, fashion is also a means by which we can support a good cause. This month, we commemorate breast cancer prevention and made a list of brands that are joining together to bring the message of prevention to every corner. In addition to wearing pink, we invite you to continue supporting us all year round!




    Calista, Laura and Regina Hernández's jewelry brand, joins this month with a cause by donating 10% of sales to Fundación CIMA for the care of this disease.

    Ravi means sun in Sanskrit; and it is precisely the rays of the sun that take shape in the incredible pieces of Calista's most recent collection. The best thing is that this and other collections from the Mexican brand form part of its support for Pink October.

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