2020 11 - Instyle

2020 11 - Instyle

    #Contagiaamorlocal, the initiative that unites Mexican brands to encourage regional consumption


    21 brands joined #Contagiaamorlocal, with the conviction that unity is strength and that together we can support each other in the contingency, the story begins with a group of Mexican entrepreneurs and creators who seek to encourage local purchases and for everyone to know their products favorites made in Mexico.

    “It's not about buying out of compassion, but about continuing to consume your favorites and doing what you love, so that tomorrow you can continue doing it,” they mention.

    Through this campaign, the goal is for people to get to know the faces behind the brands that, with their teams, clients, suppliers and consumers, move Mexico. From cafes to digital market places, wines, beverages, gastronomy and agricultural products, art agencies and jewelry brands, everyone is united to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

    Meet the participating brands:




    Zoe Water

    Country Airs


    Mayan Backyard

    Mayan Workshop

    Republic Project




    CALISTA is a 100% Mexican jewelry design brand founded by sisters Laura and Regina Hernández, who joined their talents to give life to their collections that capture the essence of mythological stories and the values ​​that are represented there: resilience, wisdom, strength , prosperity, beauty, love. For CALISTA, the true value of jewelry is the meaning we give it, as well as the memories and emotions that are imprinted on it.

    Rivero González Winery

    Chiquitito Cafe

    Forte Cafe


    Hela Home


    Hand Lab


    Skein HaHa

    We invite you to follow all these brands and consume their products that spread local love.

    Read the full note here: Instyle Mexico