2020 11 - Glamour

These are the jewelry trends that will make you SHINE this end of the year

By Joselyne Ortega

Holiday season! Get to know the best jewelry proposals to wear in winter 2020 and steal everyone's attention!

Winter 2020 is just around the corner and with it the great Christmas and New Year celebrations, where our looks will always be key.

And even in times of confinement, where we know that many meetings will be virtual, there is nothing better to shine with your end-of-year outfits than wearing jewelry trends that are full of the spirit of the season.

Yes, we know that through zoom it is difficult to see the details of your shoes, tights or bottom part of your outfit (pants, skirts, etc.). But what do you think? Your jewelry pieces will not only be 100% visible, but they will also become your great allies to instantly elevate your look and make you stand out at every event (virtual or not virtual) this season that you attend.

So keep reading, because we will immediately reveal to you which are the best jewelry trends to look elegant even with face masks in winter 2020.



7. With quartz!
Definitely, this is a very spiritual season full of incredible energy. Therefore, we suggest you carry jewelry that has quartz with you, or give one of these pieces with this element to one of your bffs, such as those from the Calista brand, which, by the way, recently joined the #CONTAGIAAMORLOCAL project, through the which, seek to encourage local purchases and share original products made in Mexico.